Pyramid.Net LTE Wireless

Need fast unlimited internet but live outside the standard infrastructure (phone/cable) zones?
Looking for an internet solution for when you're traveling/camping/working in the field?
Pyramid Net now has a solution for you!

We now offer a 5-50Mb LTE UNLIMITED service.
Speed is dependent on location and geography just like cell phones.

Using a 4port wireless router that uses the LTE networks, we can now get customers in the outer areas fast internet with no data cap.

These units also have 2 phone ports so you can plug your home phone into it and have UNLIMITED U.S. internet phone service.

The coverage area is most of  NorthWest Nevada including Minden/Gardnerville, Pyramid Lake, Silver Springs and even the more remote areas like Smith Valley and Topaz Lake . (although with Nevada's mountains we will still need to test your location first)

Pricing is $99.00/mo. with $200 equipment/setup fee.
Please call Bob today for more details.